HRCA and its board are not affiliated with any of the organizations listed below. HRCA is not responsible for any behaviors, actions or inactions of the organizations listed below.

For Clinicians

Virginia’s Counselors Association

Virginia Department of Health Professions Board of Counseling

Therapist Aid – Resources, literature, and tools for therapists.

Resources for trauma regarding refugees, times of war, etc.

Resources regarding anti-human trafficking

National Human Trafficking Hotline – Call 1-888-373-7888 ( TTY: 711)|*Text 233733 Website for Virginia –

Freekind (formerly known as Virginia Beach Justice Initiative) – Freekind is dedicated to providing survivors of human trafficking the support they need to recover from the trauma they’ve experienced. More than that, we unleash the power of kindness to help restore the humanity stolen from them, offering grace to the most vulnerable in our communities as they regain their freedom, their sense of hope, and their sense of belonging.

Safe House Project – Safe House Project’s mission is to increase survivor identification beyond one percent through education, provide emergency services and placement to survivors, and ensure every survivor has access to safe housing and holistic care by accelerating safe house capacity and development across America.

Survivor Ventures – An organization that provides survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation with the support and resources needed to attain economic empowerment.

Resources in the Community – provides different resources for people in the local community that clinicians can provide to their clients.

The Up Center provides more than 20 critical support services for children and families in our community, including mental health counseling, parenting education and support, youth mentoring, foster care and adoption, housing and financial counseling, and services for people with disabilities.

For Kids is an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty for families and children.

Community Services Board – this link is a hub to direct all individuals in Virginia to their own Community Serviced Board for specific information pertaining to their individual localities.

To Find a Therapist

Psychology Today – to find a therapist.

Clinicians of Color– to find a therapist of color. It is a place to ask questions, seek referrals, etc.

Support Groups

National Alliance on Mental Health, local chapter website

GriefShare – Support group for those grieving losses.

Divorce Recovery – divorce recovery support group.

12 Step Meetings

The Chas Foundation – Mental Illness Family Support geared specifically for people in Hampton Roads.

Useful Apps

Calm – Guided meditations, self-improvement topics, insight/mindfulness building prompts, support for specific mental health concerns (including depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance). This app is free for LPCs (for a 1-year trial) and a great referral for clients or professionals combatting these common concerns.

DBT Travel Guide – This app is meant for people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) problems who are following a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program or want to start with such a program. DBT provides tools for people with BPD to regulate their emotions and control their impulses.

CBT Thought Diary – helps clients to track their mood.

Daylio – Self-Care bullet journal with goals, mood diary and happiness tracker.